The Night on Ivana Kupala

The Night on Ivana Kupala
Author: N. V. Gogol
Directed by: A.Polyak
Art Designer: V.Bezulya
Music is created by: V.Yakubovich
Choreographer: E.Kudryavceva

Duration: 47 minutes without intermission
Date of the premiere: 20 September 2000

The performance is staged by Gogol’s fantastic story “The Night on Ivana Kupala”. By the legends the most unbelievable events can take place at that night. In order to show miracles on the stage the producer uses a trick of “a black room” where spectators can see the puppets but the actors are not seen. There are a lot of beautiful Ukraine songs in the performance and all the troupe of the theatre is occupied in the play.

Spectacle is created on motives of fantastic novel written by N.V. Gogol. Following the legend, at the Ivan Kupala’s night supernatural forces are coming to life and different unusual events take place. To make the scene full of miracles, the director of the show uses the “black cabinet”: only puppets are visible on the scene. In this spectacle charming Ukrainian national music is used.