Mio, my Mio

Mio, my Mio
Author: Рождественский мираж по мотивам сказочной повести Астрид Линдгрен
Directed by the winner of the National Theatre Award of the Republic of Belarus: Oleg Zhyugzhda
Designed by : Larisa Meakin-Probodyak
Composer: Pavel Kondrusiewicz
Choreographer: Regina Akhmetzyanova

Duration: 50 minutes without intermission
Date of the premiere: 30 September 2014

Christmas mirage based on the fairy tale by Astrid Lindgren.

It is wonderful for you to have both a father and mother. But if you're all alone? If you are lonely, how hard is it for a ten years old boy named Bosse? Your imagination can always carry you to the magical land where the King is your father, and you are a prince named Myo. And even if you are in danger and have to fight the terrible and treacherous knight Kato, you can overcome any fear, because in the end everything you dream of will come true.