Mishuk or the Fairy-tale about disobedient bear cub

Mishuk or the Fairy-tale about disobedient bear cub
Author: V. I. Belov
Directed by: Andrey Knyazkov
Art designer: A.Alekseev
Music is created by: V.Antipin

Duration: 1 hour 03 minutes + intermission
Date of the premiere: 12 February 2008

It’s very nice to become a grown-up and to be independent. The characters of our performance “Mishuk” want to feel free and adult and not to depend on their parents. What happen then you‘ll get to know if you see the fairytale. The performance “Mishuk” in an easy form helps children to understand simple but very important truths. By the opinion of the producer of the performance Andrew Knyaz’kov the fairytale “Mishuk” is about the following, “The most valuable thing in human life is the man’s family and the house where he lives. Whatever you are, your parents love you any way. Because they are your parents”.  Only love brings up a sensitive man who can sympathize  with someone.