Several Days from Fenkas Life

Several Days from Fenkas Life
Author: L. Panteleev
Directed by: I.Ignatiev
Art designer: A.Ignatieva
Music is created by: D.Gusev
Choreographer: N.Petrova-Rudaya

Duration: 1 10 . +
Date of the premiere: 25 November 2006

Youll be certainly surprised if in one rainy evening a girl smaller than the smallest boy, with a nose like a button and rumpled hair knocks at your window. The girl is charming and fascinating and this strange visitor will eat all the nails, paper, soap and matches in the house and then invite her friends

Our Fenka who lives in Granddads house is very unusual. She loves to dream, play tricks and jokes all the time. Walking around the house a naughty girl makes friends with Granny-Kladovka, the Man from the Clock, the Hostess of a Dustbin and with other interesting characters.

Maybe you will be surprised if during the one rainy day, into your window will knock a tiny girl with the nose looks like a button, dressed into a funny clothers. She is completely charming, besides, this girl eats everything: nails, paper, soap, matches, and after that she will invite all her friends... So, this girl is called Fenka, and she into the window of Granddaddy. Investigating the new home, Fenka is meets all its dwellers: Granny-storeroom, Little Man from the clock, with the Master of the garbage container and many others amazing characters.