The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan

The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan
Author: A. S. Pushkin
Directed by: I.Ignatiev
Art designer: A.Ignatieva
Music is created by: D.Gusev
Choreographer: N.Petrova-Rudaya

Duration: 54 minutes + intermission
Date of the premiere: 09 May 2007

(a farcical performance in two acts on  motifs of Pushkin’s fairytale and quotations from  compositions of the 3rd-6th forms’ pupils, with a prologue, epilogue and a happy end)

The name of Alexander Pushkin is surrounded by various legends. Alexander Pushkin was known to be a cheerful man who loved joking. And not by chance our theatre has turned to the favorite Russian writer and poet’s creative work.   

The creators of the performance “The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan” let themselves to be funny and naughty, too. “The Fairytale about Tsar Saltan” is an extremely bright and dynamic performance in a joking farcical manner.

The pupils’ utterances on Pushkin’s creation helped to make the performance so amusing and unusual. Combination of the traditional fairytale plot with quotations from pupils’ compositions fills the performance with sense of humor and makes it original.  

A buffoonery performance in two parts on motives of A.S. Pushkine’s fairy-tale and citations from written and oral statements given by scholars of 3-6 forms, with prolog, epilog and a happy end. Theatre is not casually used the creation works of adorable Russian writer and poet. Alexander Sergeevitch Pushkin is surrounded by legends. It’s known that Alexander Sergeevitch was very cheerful and loved to crack a joke. Creators of this show also allowed themselves some mischief. “Fairy-tale about tsar Saltan” – is a wonderfully bright, dynamic show in playful, buffoonery manner. Citations from the scholar’s statements about Pushkin’s creativity helped to make this show so unusual. Combination of traditional fairy-tale’s plot and children’s statements fills the show with a god portion of humor and cheerful eccentricity.