The elephant calf

The elephant calf
Author: G. Vladichina
Directed by: Ya.Mer
Art designer: L.Borisovskaya
Music is created by: U.Formin

Duration: 48 minutes + intermission
Date of the premiere: 17 November 2000

Musical fairy tale for children of a preschool age, and for elementary school age. All the children are asking questions. And adults, certainly are answering. The main hero of this show is the elephant calf. He, like all the other children, was very inquisitive, and asked all Africa’s inhabitants hundreds of questions. For example: “Who is the crocodile?”, “Does it have a grandmother?” and even “What doeas the crocodile eats for dinner?”. So, the elephant calf is have to go to a Limpopo river to learn everything by himself. It’s extremely interesting to know everything!