Nightingale the Robber and Ilya the hero

Nightingale the Robber and Ilya the hero
Author: N. Pahomova
Directed by: N. Pahomova
Designed by: E. Shepelev

Duration: 36 minutes without intermission
Date of the premiere: 18 February 2012

Meet with the heroes of Russian bylinas, folk tales, and you will understand, that being a hero, “a bogatyr”, is very interesting, and we hope, children would agree with us after they see some wonderful adventures of Ilya the hero.

18th of February 2012 premier of a new show “Nightingale the Robber and Ilya the hero” was held. The idea was to introduce the story as a theatrical comic strip. It is told by using the theater of colored shadows. And the beginning of the tale gets its start in the kinder garden where two new boys have arrived…