Author: Sergey Sedov

Duration: 41 minutes without intermission
Date of the premiere: 11 May 1994

There lived Granddad and Granny. They didn’t have children. Granny took a log, swaddled it and then came the hero of our performance – Tereshechka. At first he lived with Granddad and Granny but later on left them to see the world and show himself. Tereshechka met a wicked witch Chuvilikcha …. Our performance has a good end like the Russian tale because kindness always wins a victory over malice.

Once upon a time there were an old man and an old women. They had no children. One day this old women swaddled a log, and it became the main character of our show – Tereshechka. He lefts the old man and the old woman and starts investigating the world. During the story Tereshechka meets an evil sorcerer called Chuviliha... In our spectacle, as well as in Russian national fairy tale, good wins.