Three piglets 20 years later

Three piglets 20 years later
Author: S. Makeev
Directed by: Ya.Mer
Art designer: O.Sidorenko
Music is created by: Ya.Kazianskui

Duration: 41 minutes + intermission
Date of the premiere: 10 May 2003

In the forest, where there are a lot of mushrooms and flowers, grandsons of the legendary piglets and Grey wolf are living. Piglets Nif and Noof love their granddaddies very much, but make the same mistakes, and only piglet Nafa tries to reconcile her brothers and hungry Grey Flank Wolf. They all love music, and it helps them to become friends: piglets are preparing for the festival “Zvuki Hruki” and playing the favorite music of their granddaddies – the most famous Beatles’s songs.