Princess Frog

Princess Frog
Author: Russian folk tale
Directed by Honored art worker of Russian Federation: Shadsky V.N
Designed by winner of the Theatre Award "Golden Mask": Zahar Davydov
Composer - Honored Worker of Culture of Russia: Albina Shestakova

Duration: 1 hour 05 minutes + intermission
Date of the premiere: 15 February 2014

Once there was a girl. She worked in the library, reading many different books and, of course, wanted to meet her Prince on a white horse ...

So begins the performance of "The Frog Princess". This performance for family viewing that will be interesting to both young and adult viewers.

"Theatre is an art - for philosophers and children" - said the director of the play Honored Artist of Russia Valery Shadsky - "because all young children - philosophers, trying to understand the world." Therefore, the director is not afraid to reveal to the children such serious issues as the true beauty and the essence of human happiness.