Called the best actors and the best performances of 2014 in Vologda.

On March 27, during the International Day of Theatre were called winners of the main professional theatre awards of the names of Mary Shuko, Alexei Semenov and Ananii Badaeva. There were 12 candidates for "best roles of  2014" prizes. But, for the first time in the history of the competition, only two have become the winners. Winner of the award of the name of Ananii Badaev awarded for Best Actor in a puppet play became an actress of the Vologda Puppet Theatre Natalia Savenkov for her role of  Freken Lundig in the play "Mio, my Mio! .."

Spectacle "Mio, my Mio!.." (directed by laureate of National theatre award of Belarus, O. Zhyugzhda) won the 1st Vologda Theatre Festival "Results", awarded during the Theatre Day.

"Favorite children's audience character", according to the viewers voting, became a parrot called Marabu, character from the show "Once in a circus" (directed by honored art worker A. Volotovsky) performed by Andrey Vasiliev.